Monday, June 29, 2009


It has officially been 1 week since I got my FIRST bfp!! I now have 7 total all lined up in a basket with stuff over it so my dh does not see my obsession with watching the lines getting darker. He did find it a few days ago despite my efforts, but has not looked since that I am aware of. The lines are getting darker.... but I am still having nervous moments not all the time but once in a while I freak and then I POAS..... :( I know I am pathetic....

I had my third blood draw today. I am hoping for awesome numbers tomorrow and hoping that it will help reduce those anxiety moments. We shall see. I actually have moments where I am scared to open my eyes when I wipe for fear of seeing red.... anyway just had to share..

This is day two of Ashlyn being gone to her aunts for a week. She is having so much fun!! My SIL keeps texting me pictures of all the activities they are doing. I miss her, but know she is having a blast!!! Lorelei is outside swimming while I cook dinner. The pool is strategically placed outside the kitchen window so I can keep an eye on them while I do my day to day chores....

Oh and Congrats to my cousin. Everything will turn out!! I found out today that she is pregnant. She is 37 and has a 13 and an 11 year old. They are thinking twins but we shall see. She is also getting remarried at the end of July.

15 days until my U/S... 5 weeks and 1 day today!

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