Friday, June 19, 2009

Jonathan's Birthday

Today is my husbands 29th birthday. We had out usual Friday night pizza, as it is his favorite meal, only today he had candles in his pizza slices, a beer, and he gets Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake and brownie bites for dessert. I was hoping to give him a BFP for his birthday, but as of yet it has not happened. I tested yesterday and twice today, but the brand of test I was using was giving me some weird readings so I bought some new ones this afternoon (First Response). I have a VERY busy weekend ahead that will keep me distracted so I have not decided if I will test again in the morning or try and waitout AF and if she is not hear then test again on Monday...

Tomorrow my brother-in-law is getting remarried. His first wife was killed in a car accident when their baby was 8 weeks old. She is now almost 6. The woman that he is marrying is a widow and they have a 10 month old baby together.

Tomorrow evening I am throwing a party. The party is to remember all we have to celebrate and a chance for all of my friends and family to get together. For me it is also a celebration of us making it through the last year and hopefully turning over a new leaf that will mean a happier next year and hopefully a new little one at this time next year, but that is just between you and me.

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