Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 DPO

So today I am 10 DPO nad I broke down and POAS'd this morning. Not surprisingly I got a BFN. I am not surprised although still a little disappointed. I am not sure about this month. I am not giving up hope yet, it is still early and I have been known to not get a BFP until AF is 5 days late, but....

The girls are a little tender, and my appetite has been strange, but I just don't have that feeling. That gut instinct that I usually get that I am pregnant. I also have not had any issues sleeping which is usually my first clue...anywho guess I will know by this time next week if I am preggers or on to next month....

On another note, with the exception of working at a frustrating IT problem ALL day today was good and the girls LOVED Mother's Day Out. There are 5 kids Ashlyn already knows in her class so that was cool. Tomorrow we are off to the lake for a surprise 18th birthday party for my little sister.

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  1. so today is thursday.....did you test? hoping that you are out celebrating a BFP, or maybe you decided to wait until tomorrow? sending you a hug!