Monday, July 13, 2009

26 Hours

And the countdown continues....

26 hours until my first doctors appointment and ultrasound. I am feeling confident and excited, although a small part of me is still very nervous that something will not be right, but I am trying very hard to keep that part from taking over...and succeeding!!!! Nothing much else to report. The girls are good, Jonathan is good and working a lot, I am still pregnant.

On another note, I am planning a road trip to Alaska to escape this aweful heat.... will be back by the end of September....anyone with me? Forcast for the next seven days...100-102 with no chance of rain in sight.... will the heat and drought ever end?

Out of the mouths of babes:
My two year old has decided that since I have a baby in my tummy so does she. Hers is a boy. I am having twins according to her. After explaining this to anyone that will listen she says, "You want to see him?" Then she opens her mouth real wide and says aaaggghhhhhh.

I laugh everytime. I also think it is pretty smart of her. She knows you cannot see the baby through the tummy, and she knows that food goes down your throat to your tummy....


  1. LOL I love it!! boy you guys are going to be busy with lots of babies :) and so sorry about your weather, yuck! maybe you can steal away on our trip to ireland in september :)
    oh, and I can't wait for your appointment!! i am guessing it is early tomorrow morning? yay!!

  2. How cute! Your daughter is so funny.

    Hoping that your u/s went well!